Here you will find both beginner and advanced courses about Rasis.


The New Rasi Sutras Course

This is a new course on Rasis that goes above and beyond what I taught in the orignal Rasi Sutras Course. I extensively talk about all aspects of rasis in great detail in this course. I also talk about just how important it is to study rasis, in addition to houses and planets, for predictive purposes. This course is a lead in to the Healing Rahu and Ketu Course, which extensively uses the Rasi positions of Rahu and Ketu.

This Jyotish course is 15 hours long, and includes a manual.

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Rasi Sutras Course

This is the old Rasi Sutras course, but it has a lot of complimentary information to the New Rasis Sutras Course above.

This course is now available with any subscription to

In this course we will very thoroughly cover the important Sanskrit Sutras on the Rasis. This course will also contain a lot of information that you will want to know for any predictive astrology. So in addition to learning about how to use a lot of the important details of the Rasis, we will also learn some very important predictive principles. In this course we will cover:

This Jyotish course consists of ten 2-hour astrology classes, extensive manual and all class charts. Available on Audio Cassette, MP3 CD, or MP3 Download, or with any subscription to

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