Graha Sutras

A translation, with extensive commentary, of
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’s Sutras on the planets,
with supplementation from other ancient texts.

by Ernst Wilhelm

Graha Sutras

Graha Sutras is the first Volume of a series of Jyoitsh texts dealing with the predictive methods and principles found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. 384 pages of Grahas, Grahas and more Grahas make Graha Sutras the most thorough text available on the Grahas.

Contains Sanskrit Astrological Sutras with original and precise translations that will bring the planets to life in a profound manner. Original artwork portrays the images of the planets in accordance with the precise descriptions found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. There is even a chapter devoted to Graha Shanti - pacifying the planets.

This Vedic Astrology text is largely a commentary of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastras Sutras on the Grahas. The translation will often be found to be slightly different than what is in the available translations as I have striven to give a more precise and literal and, as mentioned, more accurate translation than most. Where my translations differ on significant points I have explained my reasoning as to the correctness of my translation. In addition to the Sutras provided by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, I have found it worthwhile to add a few Sutras from other important texts such as Jataka Parijata and Yavana Jataka. Lastly I have included two chapters entirely my own: one on Grahas and numbers and the other on the myths surrounding the Grahas. My intention is thus to present an entirely complete manual for the study of the Grahas, after which you will only be in need of deepening your contemplations on this vast subject.

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"Your new book arrived today and it is Stunning! I have not put it down for the past hour and must tell you what a great read it is! " - M.M.

"I can not praise Graha Sutras enough. The book is truly inspired and seems to carry some of the wisdom of Sri Yuktesvar. I recommend Graha Sutras to just about everyone.

"I've already found your Graha Sutras very helpful, particularly the section on Saumya and Krura Planets. You've made the dynamics of planet activity very clear. Its a refreshing change from "this spoils this house" or "that spoils a house." What you have to say about the planetary dynamics really makes sense."

"Graha Sutras is a great book! Did you come up with all those insights just through your personal contemplation of the Sutras or did you study with a teacher or both? However you did it, I find your descriptions and methods to be the most logical and easy to work with of any I've tried."

"I ordered your Graha Sutras book a few months back. Just got down to reading it. An exceptionally clear, complete and structured treatise of the planets! Also a high quality hardcover print."