Knowledge through Devotion

The development of knowledge is not a one sided affair of the brain, rather it is an interaction between all the centers in the body, especially between that of the brain and the heart. While the brain accesses, figures, interpolates, and comes to conclusions, the heart is the receptive antenna that tunes into the knowledge that one wishes to discover. The heart becomes receptive to whatever it feels strongly towards, to that which it is devoted. Without this devotion that tunes the heart towards the desired knowledge, no teacher, no book and no school can bring about the understanding of any subject, particularly such a vast subject as astrology. When the heart is devoted towards some branch of knowledge, whether one has 100 teachers or no teacher, a library or just that which he witnesses in nature, the best school or no school, then he or she is sure to become adept in the knowledge pursued. Mistakes and failures, and not even slow intelligence will stop him, just as one truly in love with another will not allow their shortcomings or circumstances to come between the object of their love. Thus when I am asked, "Should I study Vedic Astrology?" or "Can I become a good astrologer?" My reply is always the same, "If you love it you should study it."