Readings with Ernst Wilhelm

The majority of my time is devoted to writing and teaching and so the time available for my doing readings is limited, and at this time I have no time avaialable at all for readings. It is my intention to complete the courses to finish the training of my students in all that I do so that they can meet all the demand for readings using my techniques. Please contact one of my well trained students at Find an Astrologer.

I also have several Astrology & How to Live videos on youtube that I strongly reccomend to you, especially if we are unable to schedule a reading for one reason or another - Watching these videos may help you solve some of your problems.

Astrology How to Live Video #1: Astrology, the Perfect Philosophy

Astrology How to Live Video #2: Astrology, Fate and Freewill

Astrology How to Live Video #3: Embracing Fate, a Way to Power

More Astrology How to Live Videos are coming...

To learn more about what takes place during an astrology reading and the many things that can be done with astrology, please see these videos:

Devaprashna #1: Consulting the Gods - What happens during an Astrology Reading

Devaprashna #2: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas use of Astrology

Devaprashna #3: What can be done with Vedic Astrology


Please Email to schedule a reading. 

As I mentioned, time available for readings is limited and it is simply not possible for me to read everyone's chart who requests that of me and the majority of charts I will never have time to get to, so I encourage you to work with other astrologers a well, namely the ones I have here on my website on the Find an Astrologer page.

WHAT I NEED: To do a reading for you I need the followinig:
1. Your birth time, date and place.
2. Your concerns.

PAYMENT: Payment is made after the reading via check, money order, or lastly paypal. 

Recording: I will provide an mp3 recording or your reading which you can download. I do my best to make a good quality recording. Due to the technical nature of making recordings, things can go wrong, so it is a good practice to take notes of important events during the reading.

There are a few things that I expect you to understand before coming to me for a reading:

1. 75% of the events in your life are fated, which means that they are astrologically indicated.

2. The remaining 25% of your life is the result of Free Will.

3. If you continue to follow the behaviors and habits indicated by your horoscope, then the same themes will continue in your life and thus your life will be 100% predetermined by your horoscope. This means that the themes you are unhappy with in your life will continue for the remainder of your life.

4. In light of these three truths, when you ask me to make a prediction about something in your life I will tell you the truth of what I see happening as indicated by your horoscope. I will also tell you what behaviors and habits are getting in the way of what you want in respect to your question so that if you do not like what I have predicted, you will know what behaviors you need to improve to utilize your Free Will and thus have a better future. I will warn you in advance, 90% of questions people ask do not have the answers that people want. If the things you have to ask about were working easily and perfectly, you would not be asking about them. If you are not willing to work on your habbits and behavoiurs in respect to the things that you are asking about, then you may not want to know your future, as it may be painful to hear.

5. There is a divine law based on the Five Elements that produce all things in your life that if you change one thing, God will change 3 other things. Thus if you use 100% of your Free Will, which is 25% of your life, you can change ALL of the 75% of your life that is the fate astrologically indicated in your horoscope. So if you listen well to what I tell you that you need to do in your life and do that 100% of the time, then you need have no fear about any undesirable news that I predict in answer to your questions. 

For more on the topic of fate and freewill please watch this video: