The Outer Planets in Vedic Astrology

Outer Planets are a regular question I from those studying Vedic Astrology, “Should we use them?” “Do we NEED to use them?” “Are they worth using.” And if we do decide to use them, how can they put to good use and what exactly will they reveal? In this course we will cover all these things.

  1. How do the Outer Planets fit into the greater scheme of the planets used in Vedic Astrology?
  2. Do Outer Planets cause aspects?
  3. The inner revelations revealed by the Outer Planets.
  4. How the Outer Planets assist in taking us to the next level of Consciousness.
  5. The meaning of Uranus, Neptune and Plute in the birth chart and in Transit.
  6. Using the Outer Planets in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu.

This astrology course consists of six 2-hour classes, manual and all class charts. Available on Audio Cassette, MP3 CD, or MP3 Download:

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