Graha Sutras Course

When it comes to astrology, you can never know too much about the Planets - the Grahas. The ancient texts provide information about the Grahas in the form of Sutras. A Sutra is short and precise in its meaning, but has many, many ramifications. Sutras provide information that holds true through all time and all cultures. But the key is to understand the Sutra so as to apply the idea of it to those things of the modern world. For all these reasons, studying the Sutras is the only way to really learn the Grahas. In this class we will explore the Grahas one Sutra at a time so that you learn the full depths of the Grahas.

In this course we will very thoroughly cover about 42 different aspects of the Grahas including the five methods of pacifying the Grahas outlined by Parashara. This class will not have any event-predictive techniques. It will have detail-predictive techniques, such as learning how the Grahas make us live in a dry or wet clime, how the Grahas color our complexion and so on.

This Jyotish course consists of sixteen 2-hour astrology classes, extensive manual and all class charts. Available on MP3 CD, or MP3 Download:

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