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Concrete Chart & Varga Analysis with Jaimini


In this course I teach how to use simple Jaimini principles to determine what a person will or will not have in thier lives. The potential for all the desirable and undersirable stuff of the individual's life will be laid out. I will teach how to use all 16 Varga charts in this course with a lot of examples.

There are 52 classes in this course, probably about 35 hours of study. Its a course to get you on your way to reading a chart, and reading vargas in regards to concrete events in a person's life.

This course does not deal with timing, it deals with READING the chart. Once that is done, timing is the next step and happens quite naturally even. A course is in the works dealing with the timing of concrete events using these same principles entitled Concrete Predictions with Vimshottari Dasa, and that course will be here as soon as it is available.

Course includes a manual and all charts used as examples.


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