Character Effects of the Grahas

In this class we will concentrate on the character determining effects of the planets and the resulting psychology of the individual.

Effects of Planets in Rasis. A conceptual method of determining the effects of the Planets in the Rasis will be taught that allows you to instantly determine the effects of any planet in any rasi, so that you dont have to remember everything by rote.

Developmental Effects of the Planets. In this class you will learn the major role that each planet has to play and how that role affects those things that the planet is influencing.

Saturn. Learn how Saturn is a person's misery and the planet that teaches happiness.

Rahu and Ketu. Learn how Rahu and Ketu indicate the evolution of the individual and how Rahu and Ketu tie in with Saturn and Mars.

This Jyotish course consists of nine 2-hour astrology classes and an extensive manual. Available on MP3 CD, or MP3 Download:

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I recommend this course in conjunction with the Bach Flower Remedy course.