Bach Flower Remedies and Astrology

Remedies are one of the great advantages that the practitioner of astrology has. In addition to the traditional remedies of mantra, charity and gem therapy, any modern remedy, such as Bach Flowers, can be recommended with the help of the horoscope. Changing events and things is quite a bit more difficult then changing our awareness of the events, and, when it comes right down to it, not as important, since it is our awareness of the events that makes us feel happy or unhappy more so than the events themselves. Bach Flower remedies have the advantage over other remedies in that they require the least effort and cost the least and are directly specifically towards changing our attitude and awareness.

Bach Flower Remedies are a great remedy for alleviating mental and emotional stress and complexes. With the horoscope the astrologer can easily determine which remedies would benefit a person during their current period of life. Dr. Bach, the discoverer of Bach flower remedies was himself a believer in astrologer and made efforts shortly before his death to relate the remedies to the horoscope. Bach flower remedies have the advantage of being inexpensive, and without any side effects, so they are a perfect astrological remedy to begin with.

In this 5 1/2 hour Jyotish course you will learn a simple and effective method for determining which Bach Flower Remedies a person can benefit from and how to treat painful disturbances to the planets and Rasis. Available on Audio Cassette, MP3 CD, or MP3 Download:

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This course follows well with the Character Effects of the Grahas Course and I recommend that course in conjunction with the Bach Flower Remedy course.